Hybrid works and projects after the Internet.

Trumpet of the Swan, 2016, ongoing. In collaboration with Karen ann Donnachie. Autonomous custom built and programmed drawing robot writes every tweet from the Twitter account @realdonaldtrump in calligraphic pen on archival scroll.

Exhibited at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery, NY.

Ongoing project. Various dimensions, custom-printed latex balloons, vinyl stickers, confectionary food. Exhibited in various locations.

with Karen ann Donnachie and Antonio Riello

Ongoing social-media project with Karen ann Donnachie.

Silent Readings, Video, 2013. (Link soon)

This is a magazine(about nothing)hybrid editions

This is a magazine (about nothing), Various formats including animated-GIF, Quicktime-video, Power-point, 2002-ongoing. In collaboration with various artists.

Holes in Between

Holes in Between, Video, 2005. Netmage Festival, Bologna with Italian alternative rock-group, Starfuckers.
i want to believe