Multiples and series made using technologies of inscription including photo- and stereo-lithography, robotic-drawing, tampography and screen-printing.


Devotion (diptych), 330 x 210mm, 2018. Robotically distressed pigment injet print. In collaboration with Karen ann Donnachie.

Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Arrangements, 2015. Photographs of flowers taken from the Internet manipulated by inserting complete texts from classical literature within the image-data. Pigment injet print. Edition of 6, includes USB of hybrid image-textual data.

Studies in n-Space

Studies in n-Space, 2010. Stereo-lithographic and Pigment injet print. With Karen ann Donnachie.

Never Enough

Never Enough, 2010. Identical lithographic printing plates manually adjusted in press. Unlimited edition.
Never enough, 2004. Published in Chaos Happens.


Less (remix), 2008. Published in Who I think I am, in collaboration with Sergei Sviatchenko and Karen ann Donnachie.


Inversion series, 2012. Various subjects. Re-ordered lithographic plates printed on various supports. Unlimited edition.
i want to believe