Experiments in the production, publication, and distribution of books and the archives that hold them. Note that all projects are made in collaboration with Karen ann Donnachie, and various contributing artists. Please see individual project details for a complete list of contributors.


liveDraw, June, 2017. Launch at Edicola Radetzky, Milan, Italy. Custom-built semi-autonomous drawing-robot performs gestures by artists in remote locations on custom-coded mobile-device app. In collaboration with various artists.

Situational Library

Situational Library, 2011-ongoing. Launched at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Australia. De-accessioned books from the WA State Library, custom-built wooden furniture, archiving tools, rubber-stamps.
Situational Library, ISEA 2013, local area open wifi server, printed materials. A participatory installation in which the public could freely share and shape a digital archive.

This is a magazine (about nothing)

This is a magazine (about nothing)
This is a magazine (about nothing), 2002-ongoing, founded with Karen ann Donnachie. A macro project in experimental art publishing, in collaboration with various artists.
i want to believe